I have to say I am VERY impressed with the work you have done thus far with Stormi. When my family (wife and two young sons) and myself are ready to have a dog trained I know where we are sending it!!!!

Jonathan West, CEO
Natural State Tactical

Tony, just giving you an update on Gunner. I couldn't be happier with him. I have heard many horror stories about owning a Malinois. At one point I actually questioned getting one because of all the suggestions that they are not pets..but high strung working dogs that only have a place working in a police dept or or military, and in a kennel when not at work. I couldn't disagree more. Granted, he has plenty of energy. And he certainly is mischievous...he is also comical and loving. He certainly knows he is my dog. He listens very well, and is very smart. I let him ride around with me in my truck and try to introduce him to every environment I can. He is always friendly and playful, but has also showed that he indeed has a strong protective side as well. I can't believe that I have bonded as close as I have this quickly. He spends every night sleeping at the foot of my bed. He loves training. I have him convinced it's just a big game. LOL. He has all the basics down, plus some extra tricks such as weaving between my legs and waiting at doorways, and going to "place" . We are working on adding a little duration now. I can turn him loose (in a safe setting) and he listens well and stays close. He is going to be a great dog. Already is a great dog. I have a little female beagle Jack Russel cross that hated him. Gunner is absolutely not intimidated one bit. And has "ambushed" her many times. My other dog has simply figured out it was a lot easier to just give in and play with him. Any way. Gotta in to work. Thought I'd give you an update.


Hi Guys, We love Carlos... Can you please bring us 2 more Malinois exactly like him... Seriously, if you see or hear of any dogs that are as handsome as he is, we'd love to have them. Even if they're 3/4 as handsome as he is.

The trainers are in awe of his incredible personality. It's obvious that he's had the best of everything. He's confident, kind, fit and pretty darn smart.

Please know that we're so appreciative of your breeding and training and you should be proud.

All the Best,
Jennifer Henderson
Operations Manager
Birds & Animals Unlimited, Inc

Dear Tony,

I wanted to share our experience with Liberty K-9 for those are considering purchasing a family protection dog. I have wanted a protection dog for several years now, but was very concerned about the dog fitting into our family, as we have young children. My husband works many long hours outside the home, and sometimes travels out of the country. I really wanted a dog that would become a member of our family, be gentle with our children, and household employees, yet fully able to protect us if we were threatened in our home, or even out and about in our daily lives. This meant that the dog would need to be very well mannered, very obedient, and able to go with us anywhere we wanted to bring her. I was not sure that a protection dog could be fierce and effective against an attacker, and yet submissive and gentle with our family and our friends she would come in contact with.

I was so wrong! Tempo is all of that and more! She is the most loving, obedient and sweet natured dog I have ever known. We take her to school carpool everyday, on errands, to the beach and parks, to friends’ houses, outdoor restaurants; wherever we are going that we can bring her. Everywhere we bring her people comment on how amazingly well behaved and obedient she is. The staff at a local restaurant was amazed at how obediently she sat next to us while we ate outdoors, that she didn’t beg for food, and how she tolerated strangers approaching her (and us) to talk.

As a very inexperienced dog handler, I was nervous about not knowing what to do with her, making mistakes with her, or that she would not respond to me the way she responded to you and the Liberty K9 trainers. Your delivery of Tempo and training days with us were invaluable. You, Colleen, Josh and Steven were so patient with us, it made Tempo's transition to our family so much easier. I felt so at ease knowing I had the skills needed to handle Tempo, and to train my children how to relate to her.

I cannot tell you how much safer I feel having her. I have seen the way she responds when she perceives even a hint of danger to us, when an unfamiliar repairman arrives, or even if a car pulls up alongside us when we are walking. She is constantly on alert, doing her job watching us, yet is so fun to be with all the time! My husband and children love her dearly, but I think I am definitely the most attached to her, and she to me. I was not a "dog person" before we got Tempo. I did not want another "child" to train , take care of, clean up after, and correct the bad habits of. Well, Tempo must be the perfect dog, because she is no trouble at all!

She is absolutely perfect for our family, and I know she is very, very happy here. Tempo is an absolute joy and delightful addition to our family. I cannot imagine ever NOT having a Liberty K9 as part of our family. "Tail wagging security and peace of mind "at its finest.

Many thanks for our wonderful Tempo! In only 3 months she has become so entwined and enmeshed into the fabric of our lives- it’s hard to remember life before we had her.

Thank you Tony, Colleen, and boys for training and developing such an amazing dog. She has truly been a life-changing blessing.

I would recommend Liberty K-9 without reservation to anyone who is looking for a top quality family protection dog. We are more than happy with our dog, and with the wonderful training and support we received from Tony and Colleen.


Hey there! Just wanted to touch base and let you know that the dogs are doing fabulous! Hanna is just over 50 pounds now! Man she grows fast. They are both such sweethearts. Our trainer is very pleased with both their progress and ours as well. We are so happy with both of them and want to thank you again for sending us such fabulous beasts.

Sheryl and Thomas

We had wanted a Belgian Malinois and a German Shepherd for many years and decided it was finally the right time. We did much research, both locally in Nevada and nationally, and came across Liberty Dog Camp. We loved their philosophy...so much rang true with us. We continued our research, but kept coming back to Liberty since no one else really struck us like Liberty had. We contacted Tony and had many discussions, finally deciding on a one year old GSD named Kuno, now Leonidas, and an as yet unborn female Mal, Hanna. This was a six month journey for us as we wanted both dogs to come home at the same time. Our Mal was finally born on February 28, one year to the day after Leo. As the weeks went by, getting closer and closer to our dogs coming home, we had so many questions and Tony was always there to address them. When it was time to figure out shipping, both Tony and his wife Laura were indispensable in helping us figure out the best mode of transportation and in getting it booked for us. Every step they were there. Pretty quickly after they arrived, it was obvious the training they'd had. Tony had also made sure Hanna and Leo were socialized with each other and it has become an unbreakable bond. We've started protection dog training here in Nevada and have gotten nothing but amazed compliments on the obvious bloodlines of our fabulous beasts, as well as their previous training from Tony. In fact, after the trainer's evaluation, he advised us they should both immediately start in the advanced training. We see nothing but improvement in them every day and know they, and we along with them, will go far. We are looking forward to one day attending bootcamp and finally meeting Tony and his family to thank them in person.

Thomas and Sheryl
Boulder City Nevada

Rosko is awesome Tony. He is so eager to try new obstacles and so determined that he's going to do it, he never seems to give up. Thank you all at liberty for showing me how to build that bond and trust between us. We are going to continue to build on that. I don't believe I could find this whole package in a dog anywhere else.

Joe Haycraft
Louisville, KY

Hi Tony and Laura! Just checking in to let you know everything is going great. Had our first training tonight and it went really well. We really saw how much potential they both have and such fantastic bloodlines.

We'll keep you guys up to date on how things are going. But know this...we love them very much! Thanks!


P.T.S.D.---- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder was unheard of back in 1969 when I left Vietnam. I just knew I was different than my peers. I had a hair-trigger temper, was constantly securing my position, anticipating danger and despised all crowds plus commotion. It wasn't until my return from Iraq in 2005 that the ARMY checked us soldiers for emotional problems plus quickly labeled me with PTSD. By now my anxiety was so heightened I almost blacked out several times while driving. This extreme reaction to stress certified me as 100% disabled. I could no longer hold down a job, so I got a German Shepherds puppy to fill my days. After 7 months of uncontrolled destruction I knew our dog Hobby needed more training than I could give, so I tried Liberty Dog Camp. My dog responded so quickly to the training it was like having a different dog! He was calm, obedient, alert plus very watchful. I found I could relax more if I kept him with me. I had such confidence in his ability to defend me that 6 months into our training me and my dog actually navigated 4 blocks of crowds at our Barbecue Festival. This was the first crowd that I willingly went into since Vietnam 45 years ago! No wonder the V.A.recommends dog for VETS like me.

Bill King
Owensboro, KY

I am amazed at how well behaved Hoss is for his age, no running around wildly and comes when you call him. Hoss does not seem to be afraid of much, cars and trucks don't faze him. Thanks for a wonderful gift, this is truly an exceptional dog. Thank you for all of the time and energy you put into creating this wonderful dog, it certainly shows.

Best Regards
Deborah N.

Tony, Can't remember if I told you this or not, I am working BoBo in Ringsport. We went to our first trial, had six dogs. Bo was the only dog in the club to certify. He got his CSAU and his Brevet. Excellent scores on both. Judge was the NARA president and the decoy was the Director of Decoys for North America.

Sandy Parsons

Dear Tony,
We have had Heidi, the dog we purchased from you, for a little over a year now. I wanted to write a letter that you could share with prospective non LE purchasers.

My reasons for purchasing a dog were multi fold as were my requirements. I wanted a dog for my children as a pet that would also offer family protection if needed. As a Little League coach I am at the field quite often and my attention is focused on the field. My youngest does not play ball and wanted to roam the park while games were in process. As we had several instances of children being approached by strangers I felt a trained dog would be the best solution.

My other requirement is that the dog would have to be at home in the day with my mother who is suffering from Alzheimer's In addition to being company for my mother the dog would have to deal with contracted day care providers being in the house whenever I was not there.

I am amazed at how quickly Heidi bonded with the family. Her daily ritual of waiting for my mother to wake up and starting my Mom's day with a smile is absolutely priceless. Her attention and unwavering devotion to my children is both heartwarming and reassuring.

In addition the training we have received at your facility has proven how formidable Heidi can be if needed.

You choose Heidi for us, and she is an absolutely perfect match. I have never had or seen a dog that is as well behaved, well trained, and adaptable to every situation as Heidi.

I can unequivocally recommend your services and dogs to any interested purchaser.

Brian B

We have recently just completed a 4 day boot camp in hopes of developing a better bond with our dogs. We have two GSD's; a 2 year old male, named Achilles and a 5 month old female, named Athena. In the beginning, both dogs were very hesitant on attempting any of the agility exercises. Coming into the bootcamp, and seeing Tony's facility, my fiance and I did not believe that both Achilles and Athena would be able to complete some of the exercises. We knew that Achilles and Athena were going to be challenged, but what we didn't know was that we would be challenged as handlers.

Day two was our toughest day, lets just say the weather was not cooperating with us. The Kentucky rain was an impediment we were not prepared for. By the end of the day we were wet, muddy, sore and cold, but we would not take back the experience for anything. I found that when you are working with your dogs in uncomfortable conditions, your bond only gets stronger. On that night, because we were staying in Tony's cabin on the lake, we knew it was going to be a cold and long night. As my fiance and I were trying to stay warm, Achilles and Athena laid on both sides of us. Cuddled together, we all kept warm. It's extraordinary how the bond with your dog goes beyond the training field.

During the protection part of the boot camp, Tony created real life scenarios for the handlers and their dogs to engage in. At the beginning of the protection work, our dogs would not take the bite and were still unsure about how to react to the situation and bite suit. On the last day of our boot camp experience, our dogs took their first bite. At the end of every protection scenario, the decoy always left our dogs feeling confident and accomplished, which is why I believe they were able to take a bite by the end of the boot camp. My fiance and I felt that this training works and that every aspect Tony had taught us is proven to be TRUE.

The hospitality that we received by Tony and his family was amazing. All of his family made our trip an incredible experience that we will never forget.

On the last day, Tony brought in an experienced tracker to discuss with me his personal experience of tracking and answer any questions I may have had. It was amazing to hear about real life stories that have involved tracking, and the fact that trusting your dog is the cardinal rule that should never be broken.

I am currently a police officer in Arkansas and in hopes of having either Achilles or Athena as one of my K9 officers. I absolutely recommend Tony as a "dogman" and plan to seek his advice in the future and whenever necessary. This boot camp has showed us how important it is to have that special bond with our dogs. Together, you and your dog can overcome any obstacle if you trust in each other. This was an incredible experience and we are looking forward to the next boot camp!!!

Thank You for all your help and we will be seeing each other soon!

Michael and Darla

Liberty K9 Team,

My dog Charlie was doing “OK” in regards to behavior and obedience his first 10 months around the Lyddane household. But after the training he received at Liberty K9 and the support you provided me during these trainings, I can honestly say the bond he and I share, the level of trust he has in me, the level of obedience he displays is truly amazing. I am very grateful to you for guiding me through the on-going learning process that has allowed me to have a “best buddy” that I can literally do anything with and go anywhere with because of the level of obedience and the bond we now share.

While your level of understanding of dog training is impressive, it is the integrity of your organization and the professionalism you demonstrate that places Liberty K9 in a category all to itself. Liberty K9 has had the courage and fortitude to provide true training that may go against the grain of other professionals trainers. Because of your willingness to do all the great things you do, I have one dog that is truly exceptional and now look forward to working on having my two new pups, Brody and Cooper, to follow in the same footprints as Charlie. Thanks again for all you do!

Jimmy Lyddane

I recently contacted Tony regarding assisting a new client of ours with their Dutch Shepherd pup~to get "new owner and new pup" in sync, and to ask Tony for his professional evaluation and help. Seems the pup and owner were not on the same page~so by my asking Tony if he would consider seeing my client~he was rather "stepping into the middle of a situation"~as the feedback I had received from the new owners was a complete 360 from the pup we evaluated and sent to them. I was stymied~SO~having complete confidence in Tony's unbiased and professional assessment~I asked him if he would consider evaluating the pup and helping my clients out. Knowing that if the report back was not good, we would be replacing the pup for our clients. It was rather a "tense" situation for him to agree to get in the middle of~but without hesitation, he said "of course he would", with nary a mention of compensation for, never mind the time commitment to do this. Basically, I called out of the blue, after not conversing with him for months/years, and asked for a favor, for his help. Although I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting Tony in person~one feels as if you have known him all your life, or if you hadn't spoken or emailed him in a long while, when you do, it's just as if you had spoken yesterday with him~as you can just sense and tell his complete commitment and devotion to what he does, and what he can show and teach you to do with your dog.

The client drove several hours and from one state to Tony's home state for this~but as I always tell people~"you can't go too far for a good dog, or a good trainer". The happy ending to this story, is that the pup evaluated out great, along with new client and his new pup both needing some "fine tuning and instruction" so that they could be on the same page~and become a great team through training with Tony!

Thanks again Tony,

Keely McKee
Aachen Dutch Shepherds

Every time I talk about my boot camp experience at Liberty K9, a smile comes to face. Whether or not your a first time dog owner or not, it's now my belief that every dog owner/handler should attend Liberty K9's boot camp! Not only are you and your dog further building your bond but you'll be astonished at what handler & dog are capable off! Lunch both days was delicious.

When people ask me how Teddy is doing since boot camp, I tell them "We" are doing great! Hats off to Liberty K9!!

Carl Fuchs
Tell City, In.

After taking Rex to Liberty K-9 for basic obedience training, rex's behavior has improved considerably. Not only did Liberty K-9 work with rex on basic obedience but took rex one step further on working him in agility. Which also enforces a working level of obedience. I recommend Liberty K-9 as an investment in quality training for any dog. Thanks Liberty K-9.

Kelly O'Shaughnessey

Dear Tony and Joe,

I wanted to take this time to thank you for all you have done with all the training. I know all that work you both do is very hard at times. I enjoy the times when we get to come to training. It would not have been possible without the two of you and all the equipment. Tony, I love all the jokes you make and wanted to thank you for pushing me to do my best. I have done things that I never thought I could do. I have my dogs and am amazed at all they can do. Joe, thanking you for helping me with my dogs when we were struggling on a piece of equipment. Thank you for building some of the new obstacles we face. I thank you for how much you have helped me. I want to thank both of you for all the work you have done and look forward to many years of fun and excitement. I have found that dog training is not complicated. People make it complicated, you have shown me that. You have shown me how to work my dog.

Lauren R.

I found out about Liberty Dog Camp from my local dog trainer. He told me it would be one of the best things I could do for my dog. With a claim like that I had to try it out! Liberty combines a first rate training area with a range of activities that really bring out the best in your dog. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable, attentive, and patient. Every visit to the camp presents new challenges to overcome and you will be amazed at what your dog can do with the right encouragement. It has been extremely satisfying to see my dog improve in all areas: obedience, agility, self-confidence, and maturity. Every dog needs a sense of purpose and the training rigor at Liberty, coupled with the dog handler's dedication, will deliver that and more.

Even though my dog has benefited to an extraordinary degree, I've learned and grown a great deal too. The bond between my dog and me is stronger than ever not just from the shared experiences at the camp but through my improved understanding of how to ‘read' and communicate with my dog. I hope to take my dog there until we're both too old to run the obstacles.

David A.
Louisville, Kentucky

This Police K9 and his handler (below) trained with us one day and we found out that his dog "shutdown" when threatened with a stick. Even though this K9 has been officially qualified in many areas, and has received much training..this particular trait of backing down when threatened in a realistic bite situation is unacceptable. This young dedicated K9 Officer was troubled by this as he should be. He continued to train and we worked that trait out of him. In fact, his K9 is one of the best K9's we have seen in awhile. Just needed the "proper" training. " Men and dogs do not rise to the occasion but sink to the level of their training.

This goes for LE K9's and your family protection dog

Tony and staff at Liberty Dog Camp,

Thank you guys so much for the video that you sent to me. The video truly shows the great caliber of trainers that you guys are. I have been continuing to train on issues that I discovered with you guys. K9J### has had several criminal apprehensions in the past couple months, two of which ended in bites following long tracks. Monday morning I was called while off duty to attempt to track a paranoid schizophrenic subject who has been off his medication for a long time. The male subject has been homeless and breaking into vehicles and homes in the area seeking food and shelter. He was spotted early Monday while sleeping in a citizens vehicle. When the citizen confronted him, he quickly ran into the woods. Several officers have had the occasion of attempting to apprehend the man with no success. I attempted to track the man after he had an approximate 30 minute head start. After 40 or 50 yards, I observed that we had jumped the man and I saw him continuing to run. This happened three different times during the track. I expected that I would eventually push him to the perimeter officers but instead we caught up to him after approximately 1.5 miles. When I approached him, he was in possession of a large stick. I instructed him to drop the stick several times but he failed to comply. I did not want to allow the dog to bite him due to his mental capacity, however, he began to swing the stick at K9 ###. I commanded ### to apprehend and the man struck him across the head with the stick. ### continued to engage without hesitation and bit the suspect in the right forearm, leaving punctures wounds. ### pulled the suspect to the ground and held his bite while the man was restrained. I feel that with the help of you and your staff, ### has proven to be my protector. Thanks again and keep up the good work. By the way, when people call me looking for working dogs, I always recommend you guys.

Officer D-- Police Dept K9 Unit Officer D-- Police Dept K9 Unit

Colt is the most amazing animal! She makes me look like a genius!

Clinton Forbes
Louisville Kentucky

Her attention and unwavering devotion to my children is both heartwarming and reassuring.

Brian Beard
Lexington, Kentucky

With Rico by my side I don"t think twice about going anywhere and everywhere.

Michelle Thorpe
Owensboro Kentucky

My dog responded so quickly to the training it was like having a different dog!

Bill King

I have never had or seen a dog that is as well behaved, well trained, and adaptable to every situation as Heidi.

Brian Beard
Lexington Kentucky

Liberty K9 has the courage and fortitude to provide true training that may go against the grain of other professional trainers.

Jimmy Lydane

You chose Heidi for us, and she is an absolutely perfect match.

Brian Beard
Lexington Kentucky

Tony was informative, taking time to answer all my questions ensuring his dogs would fit into my family.

Chris Cannon
Louisville Kentucky

I believe she is exactly what I have been looking for for several years. Thanks again!

Sherry Ebarb
Rock Island Illinois

The whole experience was amazing and I couldn't of done it without the help of Tony and his family!

Jarrod Johnson
San Francisco Caliornia

Tony best dog I ever had! This dog is better then me.

Clinton Forbes
Louisville kentucky

Tony thanks for your help, your whole family has been very professional.

Jose Schloeter
Abogado Venezuela

Every dog owner/handler should attend Liberty K9's boot camp!

Carl Fuchs
Tell City Indiana

I've learned and grown a great deal too. Dave Anstey Louisville Kentucky

We've started protection training here in Nevada and have gotten nothing but amazed compliments!

T. Huson and S. Hascall
Boulder City, Nevada

He's a great dog and very well behaved. Thank you very much!

Skip H.


Will a protection dog get along with my other dogs, cats and animals?
Yes. We intentionally socialize our dogs around many different types of animals as they grow up to prepare them for their new lives with you. Our dogs grow up around chickens, cats, and rabbits as well as other dogs of all ages, breeds, and sizes. 
I have care takers/hired help that come to my house. Will my dog get along with them when I am not there? 
Yes! Our Custom Dog program is designed to allow us to prepare your dog for its new life with you. We will be happy to help you properly introduce your dog to your caretakers and to help you teach your dog to accept your caretaker as part of the family. 
I travel frequently. Can I take my dog with me? 
Yes! The purpose of the Custom Dog program is to enable us to prepare your dog for the unique challenges and experiences your life will present. If travel is a large part of your life, we’ll be happy to pay special attention to acclimating your dog to riding in the car.
How long does the Custom Dog Program last? 
Enrolling your dog in the Custom Dog program is just what the name of the program implies: a customized experience! Our Custom Dog program typically lasts from a minimum of 3 months to a maximum of 2 years depending on your wishes and your goals for your dog. 
What dogs make good family protection dogs?
Our favorite breeds to train as protection dogs are Belgian Malinois, German Shepherds, and Dutch Shepherds. We have experienced success with working with these breeds in a personal and family protection capacity. However, we are always open to working with new breeds of dogs!
Can I enroll the dog I have now in your Custom Dog program? 
Yes! It isn’t a necessity to start our Custom Dog program with one of our dogs; we’ll be happy to work with a dog you already have. 
We are planning to have children in the future. Will that be a problem for our dog?
No! Once your new baby arrives, your dog will accept your new baby as part of its family. We will advise you on how to properly introduce your dog to your new baby to ensure the easiest possible transition for your entire family. 
What if I have questions or training issues in the future?
We are always willing to answer questions and offer training advice whenever the need arises. If necessary, we’ll be happy to travel to your home and work with you, your dog, and your family.
Do the dogs come with a health guarantee? 
Yes. We guarantee the health of our dogs as long as you provide your new canine with the proper food, exercise, and living requirements.
How do I know what breed of dog is good for my family?
Every individual and family is unique. Choosing the right breed of dog for you can make a huge difference in the role your dog plays in your family. We will aid you in the path towards choosing your new dog and help you determine the ideal breed for your family by asking you a variety of questions and taking your family’s wants and needs into account. 
Will the dog listen to everyone in my family including my children?
Yes, as long as you are willing to develop the skills you need to properly interact with your dog. The Custom Dog program is not only designed to teach your dog what it needs to know to be a productive member of your family; it’s also designed to teach you what you need to know to get the most out of your dog’s personality and training.