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We are a family owned and operated facility located on 41 acres in Western Kentucky. Everything that we do here is motivated by the passion in understanding the human/dog bond. To enhance handler/dog communication no matter what the scenario. To realize and utilize the great potential of our loyal K9's.

As the world steadily grows worse, the need for competent, capable, and reliable working dogs grows with it. Dog used for Military Working Dogs, Police K9's, Explosive & Narcotic Detection, Personal Protection Dogs, Family Protection Dogs, Dogs all with a purpose and a job to do.

Throughout time, dogs have always been used to serve mankind, whether in peace or war. As time continues, both man and dog will be tested to and beyond their limits.

We believe both man and dog do not "rise to the occasion. but sink to the level of their training." That thought propels us to do what we do. There are no second chances, no do-over's. As we train we learn. As we learn... we apply. We then apply what we have learned in our training. We never stop learning.

Our dogs are not pampered, but steadily tempered so that they can be utilized in any application around the world. Whether law enforcement, military, border patrol, tactical applications, scent work, tracking, or at your home.

We applaud all K9 training facilities and those that train with this mindset.

As Edmund Burke said: "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

Here at Liberty K9 we are not just sitting down and doing nothing about
this evil.
It is our way of honoring those that have sacrificed everything to establish the
United States of America

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